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Word To Life Theatre Arts was launched in Tauranga, New Zealand, in 2004 by John Wason.

Word To Life is a development of John’s previous work, Out Of Silence Mime Theatre, which began at Youth With A Mission’s Academy of Performing Arts in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, in 1994. Word To Life also reflects the wide experience John gained while working offstage with Theater & Company, Kitchener, Ontario and onstage with Devon Williamson & Tonic Theatre, Tauranga, New Zealand.

With a background in expressive mime, dance, and theatre, John brings the influences of these disciplines into his work. John endeavors to tell God’s story, and the stories of His people, in fresh ways.

John and his wife Shelly continue as full time staff with the international organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and live in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Who can arm themselves against a story? Men listen to a sermon from behind a mental barricade but a story disarms suspicion, glides unhindered into the very citadel of the mind and is in possession before its purpose is guessed. - Selwyn Hughes


God's call to disciple all nations suggests two things from the perspective of the arts: Firstly, as creative communication, and secondly, as work that glorifies God. We need to care not only about the content but also about the form. Discipleship speaks not only of evangelism but of transformation; to be involved in all spheres of society in a way that transforms thought and form.


Perhaps those who know the Creator should seek to be the most creative artistically, most inventive scientifically, most wise financially, most developmentally minded, hungry for justice, dispensers of grace, and .... to transform a society for God, we not only communicate the Message, but also pursue excellence in the artistic medium which reveals the Creator and His kingdom.

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